Member Instructions

Info for new users

how do I sign in?

Go to the Membership tab on the menu at the top of the Home Page and click on Member then Login.  Enter your Username and Password.

where is my profile and how do I access and edit it?

Once you log in to the site, you will land on the Membership page.  On the upper right side of the page are three navigation links:  Add Content,  My Account/Profile and Logout.  Click on My Account/Profile.  Under your Username are two tabs:  View and Edit.  The Edit tab seems to be “grayed out”, but it is not.  Click on Edit to add or change your information.  The first page you come to allows you to change your password.  Click on ArtsFalmouth Profile to edit your information.

how do I post events to the calendar?

Click on Calendar, or Create Content anywhere on the site, and click on calendar item.  This puts up a sheet with info to be filled in.  What is new or noteworthy about this new form?


·      The Calendar is reserved for events that last less than 24 hours, e.g., a performance.  It is now easy to post several performances of, for example, a play.  First you post the performance.  Then you click on “clone”, which creates a copy of what you just posted.  To make a calendar entry for the next performance, first go to Title and delete “Clone of”.  Then go to the date block and set the new date and/or time for the next performance.  Then click Save.  Repeat as necessary.  This will painlessly populalte the Calendar with each event on the date it will occur.


But to back up to the very first entry:  The Calendar form is laid out differently than the old site, but the content is largely the same.  The new items are: the end date is optional.  If this is a one day event, click no end date.  Otherwise fill it in. Remember that if the event lasts more than 24 hours, it will be placed on the Ongoing Event list.

After you have filled in the information about your event, like date, location, description and how to purchase tickets, it is necessary to select a category, for example performance.  One of the new features of the site is visitors can search the calendar by category, like exhibitions, and only see what they were interested in.


·      Any event that lasts longer than 24 hours will be automatically listed as an Ongoing Event, and it will show below but not in the calendar.  Examples are classes or exhibitions.  Classes should always have an end date when registration closes not when the class ends.