Membership Benefits:

Enhanced listing on the Arts Falmouth website

Priority on ArtsFalmouth's entertainment listings program on FCTV and Enterprise calendar listings

Direct link from the ArtsFalmouth website to members' sites - and visa-versa

ArtsFalmouth provides:

   marketing support for individual artists and and organizations

   help to artists to publicize their work

   help to artists to find new (unconventional) venues for music and exhibitions

   service as a fiscal agent for artists seeking project funds

   reduced rate for vendor space at Arts Alive

   free entrance to ArtFalmouth receptions


You don't have to be an artist to join ArtsFalmouth. We encourage everyone who enjoys the arts and believes that the Creative Economy is a valuable asset to the future of Falmouth to become a member. Membership levels include:

Individuals: $25

Organizations and Businesses: $50

Contributing Member: $250

Sponsor: $500

*Super Sponsor: $1,000

*Super-Duper Sponsor: over $1,000

*Free tickets To the JazzFest Falmouth headliner concert

To become a member of ArtsFalmouth click here.