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James Bowen

The Carousel of Light

Everyone loves a carousel. Who doesn’t have a bright smile as they see their children and grandchildren spin around the dizzying circle screeching with excitement?

When Falmouth artist, Lance Shinkle carved his masterpiece 25 years ago he gave birth to a stunning creation of lively horses and chariots that have given great happiness to children of all ages.

In the beginning, the carousel operated in Falmouth and Mashpee. Later, it traveled throughout the country. For the last 15 years the carousel called California its home. Now, through the efforts of our non–profit corporation, the whirling merry go ‘round has found its way back to Cape Cod!

The Carousel of Light is a non-profit corporation whose goal is to bring joy to children of all ages and to support, protect, and preserve the Carousel in perpetuity. Our mission is to save this magnificent work of art, to find a home, to display and operate Falmouth’s carousel as soon as feasible, to find and fund a permanent location and raise money for Cape Cod charities designated to help children and families in need. It is our intension to find a permanent home for the carousel by the Spring of 2015. In the interim we are looking for a public space to operate the carousel for the summer of 2014.