Trad-Stroll Woods Hole

An Afternoon (and Evening) of Traditional Music in Woods Hole. The music is all free.  Admission to the dance at 8 PM is $8.

Various Woods Hole Village businesses and Woods Hole Community Hall. RAIN or SHINE

Saturday, May 7, 2016 - 2 to 11 PM

The Stroll begins at  the top of Water Street and moves along the streets of Woods Hole to hear nine traditional music groups play.  End the day taking to the floor of the Community Hall to twirl to the music of Linda Leslie and the Woods Hole Folk Orchestra.  All music is free.


2:00 - 3:00 Amy Larkin & the Hatchville Houndogs, Bank of Woods Hole

Jonathan and Amy Larkin and Doug "Jr. Croc" Sheprow perform a variety of spicy Cajun, Celtic and Appalachian music on fiddle, banjo, Cajun accordion and guitar. Amy has been playing driving dance music at New England Contradances all over the country for more than 25 years. Multi-instrumentalist Jonathan has been performing since the early seventies. He has toured as a guitarist with Flamenco dancers as well as playing Flamenco guitar solo, busked in Harvard square playing Appalacian fiddle tunes, and fronted the Cajun-Zydeco band, Buzzards Bayou. Jr. Croc is an experienced bass player with a background performing local jazz, zydeco, fusion, rock, and reggae. He has found a new interest in playing traditional music on acoustic guitar. This diverse group of seasoned musicians have banded together on a new musical adventure.
2:00 - 3:00Vineyard Swordfish and Ha'Penny Morris Dancers, Woods Hole Community Hall
The Vineyard Swordfish dancers, based in Woods Hole, perform longsword dancing, a tradition from northern England. Linked with metal "swords" (based not on military weapons but work implements), the dancers weave under and over in mesmerizing patterns, culminating in a "lock" or star of swords held aloft. The Swordfish perform both traditional and contemporary dances, including original choreography.
Ha'penny Morris is a Boston-based team specializing in a southern English tradition that dates back to medieval times. Morris dancers wear bells on their legs and carry handkerchiefs or clash sticks as they leap energetically through geometric formations. Ha'penny presents both traditional and original dances.
Morris and Sword are typically danced outdoors, so weather permitting, the teams may move to the streets. Listen for bells, clashing swords and music played on concertina, fiddle, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy and drum, and if you are driving please be alert.

2:30 - 3:30 Tim, Tom and Jacek, Quicks Hole Tavern

Come along to the Tavern and Sing Sea Shanties with Tim Radford, Jacek Sulanowski and Tom Goux, and also find time for a bite or a beer.

Shanties were sea board call and response work songs from the golden days of sailing ships; they are easy to learn and follow. Come along and join in!!


3:00 - 4:00 The Familiars, The 41-70

Manny and Linda Dias are The Familiars of Cape Cod. They sing and play folk, fiddle, country, Irish and popular music from the 1950s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and more. Manny, who has been active in the Upper Cape folk music scene for more than 20 years, plays guitar, and Linda plays fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, and Irish whistles in a variety of musical styles.


3:30 - 4:30 Village Band and Quire, Captain Kidd

The Quire (choir) is a small group of singers, modeled on village choirs of 19th century rural England, accompanied by a Village Band of the period. They will be perform spring-themed songs and dance music of the English countryside in the late 19th to early 20th century, with suitable instruments (fiddle, concertina and serpent), clothing, and hats.

3:30 - 5:00 Cat’s Melodeon, Coffee O Porch

Cat’s Melodeon, led by Bill Black, specializes in Irish traditional music, played on fiddle, flute, recorder, accordion, banjo, guitar, uilleann pipes, and bodhrán, a goat-skin frame drum. Most of the members live on-Cape or nearby, and gather regularly for sessions as well as concerts and performances in season. Cat’s Melodeon sessions are open to any musicians who are familiar with the Irish traditional repertoire. The group’s name comes from a local expression in Ireland’s County Mayo and refers (among other things) to an informal get-together for enjoyable purposes

4:30 - 5:30 The Sonnay Fiddlers, The MBL Club

The Sonnay Fiddlers play traditional and international fiddle tunes. The group is made up of accomplished students of Nikki Engstrom, an award-winning fiddler and a member of the Celtic duo Stanley and Grimm. The fiddlers range in age from young children to older adults and have a large repertoire of Celtic tunes.

Nikki Engstrom is an accomplished fiddler and teaches many workshops at festivals throughout the year while maintaining more than 30 full-time private students on Cape Cod. She has performed, competed, and taught throughout New England and Canada.


5:00 - 6:00 Passacagalia, Woods Hole Community Hall

Passacaglia plays a variety of music from the medieval and renaissance eras to the present, mainly from Europe but also from the Middle East and beyond. Their repertoire includes lute songs, madrigals, canzonas, processionals, and traditional music from Turkish melodies to Irish tunes.  Passacaglia aims to transport listeners to another time and place, but also to bring ancient music forward, with fresh interpretations and an emphasis on cross-cultural connections. Members are Jan Elliott on recorder, crumhorn, cornamuse, concertina & whistle; Lisa Esperson on percussion; Tom Hanna on lute, guitar, mandolin & bouzouki; and Molly Johnston on viola da gamba and vielle

5:30 - 6:30 Morgan Rattler, The Woods Hole Inn  

Morgan Rattler offers music and song from the Golden Age of Piracy--traditional American, Irish, English and French music from 17th through 20th century, songs relating to seafaring. The group includes Jacek Sulanowski on vocals and bodhran, Barbara Blair on fiddle and whistles, and Ron Geering on hurdy gurdy, concertina and melodeon. The group has performed at the Tall Ships event in Newport, RI, and at the Hyannis Maritime Festival, as well as at the Falmouth Art Market and other local events.


6:00 - 7:00 Black Whydah, The Landfall

Black Whydah is a unique, multi-instrumental and vocal group whose range of instruments includes numerous things with strings.  Numbering 2-4 “pirates” in the band, this outing will feature Jean Sagara and Cathy Hatch and will cover a wide range of Irish, folk, oldtime, and country music.

Jean Sagara is an active musician on Cape Cod and continues to also perform with Tres Por Cinco and The Higher Ground String Band.  Jean has 4 Black Whydah instrumental CDs with duo partner, John Best.

Cathy Hatch has been singing and playing music ever since her Grandmother recognized her talents and inspired her to start at an early age.  Cathy provides lead vocals and plays guitar, ukelele and 5 string banjo. She is the founder and lead for the Cape Cod Ukelele Club.


6:30 - 7:30 Stanley and Grimm, Water Street Kitchen

Fiddler Nikki Engstrom and guitarist and singer Sean Brennan have been playing throughout New England as the duo Stanley & Grimm at concerts, house parties, pubs and festivals. Having met and played together at local sessions on Cape Cod, Nikki and Sean made their debut appearance as Stanley & Grimm at the 2005 Cape Cod Celtic Festival where they opened for the internationally known Cape Breton group Beolach.  In the following years they have recorded three CDs of traditional material and original compositions and arrangements, opened  shows for Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, Liz Carroll & John Doyle, and traveled throughout New England playing concerts, house parties, festivals, weddings and pubs to a growing base of fans.


7:00 - 8:00 The Falmouth Fiddlers, Woods Hole Community Hall

The Falmouth Fiddlers play and sings old-time, bluegrass, and Celtic fiddle tunes on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, dobro, tin whistle, bodhran, cello, and string bass.


8:00 - 11:00 Then take to the floor of the Community Hall for Contra and Square Dancing, with Caller Linda Leslie and the Woods Hole Folk Orchestra, with Richard Gregory-Allen, lead fiddler, Rich Armstrong on concertina, John Yankee on piano, Tom Hodgson on guitar, Jim Mavor on accordion and drums, John Alden on bass and Ellie Armstrong on 2nd fiddle. Admission to the dance is $8.

2 - 11pm Rain or Shine

Street Entertainers, Jugglers and Longsword Dancers - Random Times, Random Places if raining, 2-3 PM in Community Hall - Random Times, Random Places

Bus service from Falmouth to Woods Hole

Free parking at Challenger House, Dyer's Dock, in the School Street and the Shivericks Lots, in the MBL lot.  Please look for the signs.

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