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Nancy & Chris Adamo
Address: 23 Lt Pafford Rd, ,

Beauty and Nature, especially the ocean, is the inspiration for our jewelry collection. Blessed with living in two naturally beautiful places, Cape Cod and St. John, USVI., has provided us with an endless palate from which to draw.
Utilizing Sterling Silver and 14K Gold-filled alloys as well as quality gemstones and shells, we use both wire-working and beading techniques to produce our designs. Sharing all aspects of crafting, designing, and selling is what makes us special. Nancy's strengths are heavily felt in the design and creation end as Chris's are in the ceramics and production end.
New for 2010 was the introduction of our Ceramics Line.
It consists of Necklaces and earrings made from glazed ceramics that are either wood or gas fired on St.John at the Maho Bay Ceramics Studio. PMC silver clay was then fired onto some of them to enhance them even further.
We are also proud of our Yoga inspired collection. Nancy has been a Kripalu certified yoga instructor for over 10 years. Her jewelry designs are reflections of the joy and creativity of yoga and it's spiritual and ideological principles.
Traveling around the country sharing our creations has provided us with valuable feedback and praise from which we gain both ideas and cherished relationships.