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Michele Colley-Whittier

Musical Theater Dance Workshop
Address: 18 Millstone Way, ,

The Musical Theater Dance Workshop is a 4-week, performance-based workshop, open to all those over the age of five.  (Note that participants over 116 years old must provide documentation of “proper consent!”) The main goal of the workshop is to provide participants with a venue to practice and hone their on-stage presentation skills.  For some of the participants, this is their first stage experience.  Some participants come to simply have a place to practice what they love. This is more than just about performance, we hope to inspire our participants to not only express their performing and artistic urges, but to also experience a stronger sense of self.

All aspects of the project are work-shopped: the dancing, the music, the singing, the artwork, the script, and this year, much of the tech.  In the past we have been a melding of music and dance only; last year, the Musical Theater Dance Workshop realized another one of its goals by adding an art component for our younger participants and an acting component for all the groups. Our youngest group worked on props, sets and some costuming for the whole show with our art instructor, the script was written by a novice writer with the help of a seasoned writer, we spent more time developing a story and brought in acting coaches to help. EACH person in the show had at least one monologue to perform. We encouraged them to spend time developing a point of view other than their own, or a character other than themselves. Our tech crew was work-shopped as well; we had two stage managers, one with experience and one first timer. Our tech crew also had a mix of beginner and pro. The result was a “rough-cut” performance produced in 24 hours of rehearsal time for the eleven plus age groups, and 12 hours of rehearsal for the youngest children.