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David Dieter

Address: po box 2173 teaticket 02536, ,

Well to tell you the truth I'm chasing my dream to be a professional underwater, natural and portrait photographer. When i become successful i will be able to travel the world in search of all the beautiful things like butterflies from tropical rain forests, all the beautiful fish from The great barrier reef, The fresh snow from all the mountain tops of alaska, The great plains of Africa to photograph giraffes, lizards and lions in the wild, Back to Hawaii to capture the awesome power of the lava flowing into the ocean, to china to shoot all the amazing people and culture. Time seems to be to short too get all of this done and there never seems to be enough money to fund these adventures, but i have great motivation and i know with the right mind set anything is possible.
I have only conceder my self a photographer for the passed 4 months, but i have been shooting for my self as a hobby for 12 years, and i have loved every min of it. I am only chasing my dream because while I was growing up I was always told what to do, and never asked what i wanted to do with my life, and now that I am on my own its time to make a life for my self following my heart, and chasing my dream.
So far things have been great i have met a lot of fantastic people, and all of those people have given me great feed back on my work.

Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity =)
David Dieter